Jeff is a tenor/vocal percussionist from Orlando, FL. Often** referred to as our “Jeff of All Trades,” he just keeps popping up in videos, in live performances, and on tour – we can’t seem to shake this guy! Jeff’s a cappella journey began with the U of Illinois Xtension Chords, and he was an early member of Home Free. He has since performed with the Alley Cats, and was a featured vocalist with Carnival, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. When not with 7th Ave, Dr. Jeff has his doctorate in training and development and owns a consulting business. He also runs marathons, bartends at Raglan Road (look it up!), and is a personal stylist for J.Hilburn Custom Men’s Wear.

**Actually, seldom. In fact, we’ve never referred to him as that. He said that.

Fun Fact:

I can't do cartwheels, I have a weakness for Tim Tams, and I have an irrational fear of going up a flight of stairs.